EDTA 1 % in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg

EDTA 1 % in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg

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For dissociation of tissue and cell monolayer cultures.

Shelf life
Solution 24 months, powder 36 months. The shelf life commences with date of production.

Solution at -20° C, powder at 2 - 8° C.

Other sizes and custom formulation
Please ask for other sizes or special formulations of trypsin; in most cases we can provide a solution. Our trypsin is tested negative for mycoplasma and PPV.
Equivalent/Alternative to: Biochrom Cat.-no. L 2113 more...


EDTA 1 % in PBS, w/o: Ca and Mg

Cat-no : P10-026100

Size: 100 ml

Store at:  +2°C - +8°C

Sterile : Yes

HS-Code: 29212100

Availability:  Green


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