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Co-Founder CEO, Joseph Masterson has spent a life time in the life sciences. He started doing vaccine and gene therapy research on cystic fibrosis. Future projects in graduate school on Leishmania and a stint running a flow cyometry lab lead him to a successful career selling antibodies for eBioscience.

Now using the knowledge and contacts amassed over his more than 25 years in the industry, he is able to apply this for XL Biotec and ensure its ability to remain an important part of life science in Thailand.

XL Biotec Company Limited

XL knows that in order to do cutting edge research, you need the reagents quickly. Our main goal is to find the best suppliers and offer their products to Thailand on a time frame that makes research possible. XL has partnered with more than a dozen top companies around the world, but is always looking for new opportunities to help the research community in Southeast Asia thrive.

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XL Biotec Company Ltd

Our reagents and kits will help your research whether it is cell culture, molecular, immunology, cancer, stem cells or any other life science area. We want to be thought of as an extra lab assistant. We will provide straightforward answers to your questions and get the products to you as quickly as possible. With continual contact with the vendors, we can provide constant delivery updates so you can more accurately plan your research