DPBS, w/o: Ca and Mg, Powder

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The main purpose of buffered salt solutions is the maintenance of pH and osmolarity in cell culture applications as well as providing essential inorganic ions. These solutions are usually used for washing tissues and cells. Often they are combined with other agents in cell and tissue treatment.
Equivalent/Alternative to: Biochrom Cat.-no. L 182-10 more...
Equivalent/Alternative to: Biochrom Cat.-no. L 182-50 more...


DPBS, w/o: Ca and Mg, Powder

Cat-no : P04-36010P

Size: 10 L

Cat-no : P04-36050P

Size: 50 L


Store at:  +2°C - RT

Sterile : Yes

HS-Code:  38220000

Availability:  Yellow


File : https://www.pan-biotech.de/amfilerating/file/download/file_id/508/