Zebrafish FGF-2 protein (bFGF/basic FGF) has been used extensively to support the maintenance and proliferation of human and mouse induced pluripotent (iPSC) and embryonic stem cells (ESC); used in the original Ludwig et al feeder-free culture of embryonic stem cells protocols 1-3.

High purity 17 kDa FGF2 / bFGF protein, animal-derived component free (ACDF) and carrier-protein free (CF).  This version of recombinant zebrafish FGF2 is used by the core facility at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, UK and historically by many of the stem cell groups based at University of Cambridge.

mTESR and E8

TGF-B1 PLUS (Qk010)
FGF-2 / bFGF 145 aa (Qk025)
FGF-2 / bFGF 154 aa (Qk027)
Zebrafish FGF-2 /bFGF (Qk002)