HaCaT cells and derivatives

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Cat no. : 300493

Volume : 1.5ml

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Human keratinocyte cell line

Frozen cryovial

2 Mio. cells/ml; 1.5ml


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Depositor:      DKFZ, Heidelberg         

Organism:      Homo sapiens (human) 

Ethnicity:        Caucasian        

Age:   62 years          

Gender:          Male    

Tissue:           Skin     

Celltype:         Keratinocyte     

Growth Properties:      Monolayer, adherent     

Description:    In vitro spontaneously transformed keratinocytes from histologically normal skin. 

Generated by: Dr. N. Fusenig, Dr. P. Boukamp



Boukamp et al. 1988, Normal Keratinization in a Spontaneously Immortalized Aneuploid Human Keratinocyte Cell Line

López-Garcia et al. 2014, HaCaT Keratinocytes Response on Antimicrobial Atelocollagen Substrates: Extent of Cytotoxicity, Cell Viability and Proliferation


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