Demecolcine solution 10 µg/ml

Demecolcine solution 10 µg/ml

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Maximum efficiency without loss of quality
Maximum efficiency without loss of quality PAN-Biotech reagents are tested according to the highest possible quality standards. All liquid reagents are dissolved according to in-house specifications, sterilized and filtered at 0.2 μm. Before final release, the reagents undergo extensive quality tests e. g. sterility, pH value, osmo.

Equivalent/Alternative to: Biochrom Cat.-no. L 6221, L 6231 more...

Demecolcine solution 10 µg/ml

Cat-no : P07-91010

Size: 10 ml 

Store at: -20°C

Sterile : Yes

CAS-Nr.: 477-30-5

HS-Code: 29397990

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